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Training and Expertise
9 July 2016
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Truck-Mounted Cleaning? What does it mean?

Hydra Master Cleaning Machine
Many years ago Absolutely Clean decided to purchase a powerful and advanced TRUCK MOUNTED CLEANING SYSTEM. Why?

Well the simple answer is…we wanted to provide a high quality professional service to our customers. So in 2004 we researched and discovered the Hydramaster MAXX 450 high powered diesel system. This meant a trip to Cornwall to have the brand new system installed into a brand new vehicle. This cost was around forty thousand pounds. Why go to all that expense as we could have purchased a much, much cheaper system? Well…our system has lasted twelve years and has only let us down on two occasions and is still in perfect working order to this day. In its wake it has left many hundreds or maybe even thousands of happy customers with professionally cleaned carpets, upholstery and hard flooring. You see, our system can be turned down as well as up to deal with delicate upholstery or to steam clean dirty tiled floors. HYDRAMASTER.

Our hot water extraction system cleans up to 100 degrees which ensures not only a clean but a healthy carpet. Drying times are always much quicker and the need for harsh chemistry is greatly reduced. With a one clean pass, high temperature clean, no need for harsh chemicals, a quicker drying time, venting the vacuum exhaust outside, no over wetting, quicker cleaning time….all this results in clean, dry, healthy, fluffy and sweet smelling carpets and upholstery.
When we arrive at your home or place of work we park as near as possible to the areas to be cleaned and then we need only bring our hoses into the property as the main part of the system stays in our vehicle. Our entire system is self-contained with its on water supply and waste recovery tank. The system can be set to run at different levels and speeds to carefully clean upholstery or be turned up to produce high pressure steam for those really challenging areas. Having many meters of hose allows us to reach up into difficult areas including multi-storey buildings with great ease.

Contact us now if you too would like to experience our professional service...


  1. Fitz says:

    Cleaning Professional. Took care of our hard floors in Bearsden.

  2. Absolutely Clean provides a professional cleaning and restoration service all across central Scotland.

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