1How long will it take to dry?
Over the years I have unfortunately heard reports from customers about problems that arise after the cleaner has left. After having their carpets cleaned by a company or indeed when they hired a machine and done the cleaning themselves, it takes several days to dry. This should never happen and can lead to serious problems with damp and could even be a risk to health. Unless your home has been completely flooded, the drying time should be measured in hours not days. Having a Truck-Mounted system allows us to not only thoroughly clean but, dry the carpet which we think is equally important. Normally between 1-4 hours, dependent on conditions.
2Will the carpet get dirty quicker?
The main reason carpets and upholstery re-soil quickly after cleaning, is because the cleaner has not rinsed the cleaning solution from the carpet properly, thus leaving a sticky residue which then in turn attracts dust etc.. Some cleaners still use dated methods and shampoo carpets and upholstery and without rinsing properly can lead to problems. With our system we apply a traffic lane cleaning chemical (hot) and brush into the carpet with a machine or by hand and allow to dwell. The next step is steam extraction removing the cleaning solution along with the dirt and soil.
3How long will it take to do the work?
When you make a booking with us everything will be fully explained and a timed appointment will be made. We are never in a rush nor do we over book but, our system can clean very efficiently resulting in quicker use of the room.
4What cleaning method do you use?
Truck Mounted (sometimes known as Van Mounted) hot-water extraction system - commonly referred to as "Steam Cleaning". Hot Water Extraction (HWE) is a combination of hot water, high pressure and a powerful vacuum.
5How much does it cost for a quotation?
Nothing, it's free but very important and avoids mistakes. If you prefer we can come out and meet with you, take measurements and leave a written quote or we can give a quote over the phone and send it by email or post.
6Are any of the chemicals used harmful to children or pets?
Most products used are safe and kind to the environment. All products used are industry approved, child and pet safe. We can offer ECO and chemical free cleaning if required by some customers.
7How often should you have your carpets and upholstery cleaned?
Depending on usage, but we recommend at least once a year. If you have young children, pets or both, every six months is recommended. The way things look only tells half the story, what about the bacteria, pollen, grit and dust mites that are lurking, hidden from view?
8 I live on the third floor, will your hoses reach?
Yes, we have extra hoses and we have portable equipment for use in high-rise buildings. To date, there has never been a job that can’t be done.
9Why should I have my carpets and upholstery protected?
The protector covers the individual fibres and forms a protective barrier. The protector we use also contains a dust mite inhibitor. We strongly recommend light coloured, natural fibres or valuable items are protected.
10Can you get stains out?
This is a very good question, in most cases something can be done to remove or reduce stains, spots and spills.

General Care Tips

1. Turn cushions occasionaly to ensure even wear of the cushions, fillings and fabrics.
2. For all stains work from the outer edge to the centre of the stain.
3. Avoid rubbing, over agitating or too much pressure to avoid damaging the fabric fibres.
4. Solid type stains should be gently scraped and lifted off the surface.
5. Liquid stains should be blotted up with a clean white absorbent material..
6. Take proper care with loop, open weave and structural weave fabrics (design created in the weave) to protect against snags.
7. To avoid causing water marks, make sure that the treated area dries out evenly by feathering out the edges, or dampening the entire area.
8. Leading retailers recommend that you have your upholstery and carpets professionaly cleaned and protected every 12-18 months and that you use a specialist, qualified cleaner.
9. In case of a serious spillage do not worry, please call us immediately 0800 458 4901 (FREE) for advice. In most cases we can help.

After Cleaning Advice

1. To speed up drying time, leave open internal doors and windows or if possible use a fan to create air movement.
2. Foil protectors or foam blocks should NOT be removed from beneath furniture until you are sure the carpet is absolutely dry.
3. Foam blocks are designed to allow adequate airflow to prevent dampness, and to prevent the transfer of dye or rust to carpet fibres.
4. Keep pets off until dry, soil from paws can be drawn into fibres.
5. Do not walk on the carpet with outdoor shoes, as the dirt can easily transfer onto the carpet fibres..
6. TAKE CARE when stepping from a damp carpet onto a hard surface i.e. a kitchen or bathroom. The moisture picked up can make it very slippery.
7. Do not place cushions from the suite against radiators to dry them. This can cause PERMANENT pressure or watermarks.
8. Drying times can vary greatly depending on different factors i.e. fibre content, pile density, degree of soiling, method of cleaning, room temperature, humidity and air circultaion.

Our 10 Step Procedure to a Fresh and Clean Carpet

1. Choose a good quality carpet cleaner.
2. Have them visit your home and perform a carpet audit.
 3. Thoroughly vacuum the area to be cleaned.
 4. Pre-treat spots and spills highlighted in the carpet audit.
5. Pre-spray areas to be cleaned with a non-aggressive cleaner.
 6. Groom areas to be cleaned with a carpet rake.
 7. Extract areas with a powerful "TRUCK MOUNT" system.
8. Clean to base of carpet, removing all dirt and grime.
 9. Apply carpet protector and re-groom carpet.
10. Leave carpets clean, fluffy and healthy.